Amawakuni Map
Kanji 天和国
Rōmaji Amawakuni
Located In N/A
Controlled By Himeou
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Amawakuni (天和国, Amawakuni) is the alternative world in Arata Kangatari universe.


The lands in Amawakuni presumably formed in a formation. With the amount of small lands that are not linked together in Amawakuni, and sufficient water. It may be considered to be smaller than Terra world. Various of historical settings are in many territories, but mainly Chinese settings. Territories are controlled by the Twelve Shinshou and places like islands or villages are either under controlled by a occupied Shou or ordinary human.


There are many creatures that exist in Amawakuni inhabiting variety of places:

  • Humans: the main race in Amawakuni
  • Muru: a huge bunyip-like creature that lives in underwater. They're edible to humans
  • Teko: a puff bird creature that inhabitant in forest. Teko are also edible to humans, but lack taste in flavor

Writing SystemEdit

Amawakuni Letters

A chart of characters in writing. Convinced to be similar to Hiragana style

Although the language and writing system in Amawakuni are the same as Japanese language, the characters is however are different. The characters were written in orientations or shapes. Similarity also based on the five elements. There are 50 syllables:

  • 5 singular vowels made up elements (from left to right: earth, water, fire, wind, air)
  • Consonants (left side) are nationally to be combination with the vowel characters


Few technologies in Amawakuni are uniquely made for transportation. They're can be used by wealthier families, Twelve Shinshou members, and the government court.

  • Hanima: are used to travel distance places. Haniwa are replaceable of horses with power mechanical movement
  • Airships: used to take flight in air.


  • When translated from kanji, Amawakuni (天和国), means heavenly belief.
  • Sufficiently Amawakuni is a world, and yet many people called Amawakuni a country in the series.
  • In Amawakuni, the cultures are based of Chinese but the settings are different. Most are chinese settings, but others are western settings (Arabian, European, etc).
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