Biographical Information
Kanji アメ エノ
Rōmaji Ameeno
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age Around 200 years (actual)
Gender Male
Birth Date April 18th (Aries)
Blood Type
Family Nasake (son)
Nasake's mother (lover/deceased)
Hayagami Megudo
Location Amawakuni (current)
Africa (former)
Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Affiliation Six Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 43
Anime Debut
Image Gallery

Ameeno (アメ エノ, Ameeno) is a member of the Six Shinshou, and the last one whose face was revealed along with Ikisu. He is the Shou of Megudo.



Ameeno comes across as an aggressive and abusive person. Ameeno ordered the death of Ikisu's citizens, show little to concern about the lives of people nor his carelessness. Ameeno is willingly to betray IKisu for the sake of battle of submission to the point of beat him up brutally even when Ikisu is at his vulnerable state. Additionally, given the relationship seen between Ameeno and his own son, Nasake, Ameeno fail as a father very so much such as neglecting Nasake and even psychically abuses him as well.

According to Nasake, Ameeno wasn't like this before when he came to Amawakuni. Ameeno maintained a loving and stable father to Nasake's mother, but changed dramatically when he became a Shinshou.


His past is seen when Ameeno was on a boat, presumably escaped from black slavery which he winded up in Amawakuni and was found by Nasake's mother.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


  • Megudo
  • Muscle strength: Ameeno is a very powerful considering how he had brutally beaten Ikisu and punched Nasake very violently.



  • Ameeno is the second Shou to be seen turning back into a human after demonization without being purified by Tsukuyo.
  • He is so far the only Six Shou to not have a second demon form.

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