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Biographical Information
Kanji アラタ
Rōmaji Arata
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 15
Gender Male
Birth Date July 8th (Cancer)
Blood Type
Family Makari (grandmother)
Parents (deceased)
Location Japan (current)
Amawakuni (former)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Himezoku
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
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Arata (アラタ, Arata) is a male Himezoku member whom was labeled as a female in the government by Makari in order to prevent him from getting eliminated. Despite we don't get many scenes of him, regardless he's still one of the main characters, along with Arata Hinohara.


Image Gallery

Arata has long black hair, often kept up in a ponytail, and tan colored eyes. In Amawakuni, he is shown wearing a white top and pants that have red markings scattered around, a headband for his hair, and other various accessories.

In Japan, he wears Hinohara's school uniform many modern style tops, and blue jeans.

A joke in the series is when he was forced into wearing female robes to impersonate as a candidate for Himeou.


Arata is very brash in his actions, and refuses to let others bully him. Arata has good fighting skills and uses these skills to help allies. Arata doesn't have an easy time of focusing and is easily confused. The modern world and terms still confuse Arata who doesn't understand the technologies and slangs. (His misunderstandings lead to funny moments where others have to correct him). Just like Hinohara, Arata has a strong sense of justice and determination, and refuses to stand by as an observer when people harm an innocent.

Arata is also shown to be oblivious when it comes to feelings and people's sarcasm. He's also very goofy and is only annoyed by his grandmother's determination to make him pretend to be a woman to become Himeou's successor. Upon the attack on Himeou and the Shinshou's betrayal he swears to save her.


Arata's parents and a hand full of Himezoku members (mainly the females) were murdered by Harunawa, under enforcement to preclude succession for the Himeou's throne. Harunawa was about to execute a young Arata when his grandmother intervene and corrected the Shou that Arata is a boy to have him spared. His memory of those days have since been blocked, until facing Harunawa while defending Imina in Japan.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


Arata fakes Tsukuyo's power

Arata playing with the Goshinta

When Arata is first introduced he is shown as being clumsy and easy-going. He attempt to run away from her grandmother Makari due to her being strict of dressing him up as a girl much to his aggravation. Makari used her Amatsuriki send Arata a gush of wind knocking Arata and falling into the women's bath which leads to an misunderstood. After the misunderstood, Arata and Kotoha walk back to his house only he found the imperial guards with Makari. Eavesdropped of the imperial threaten Makari if her grandson is a boy. Kotoha explains to Arata about the Himeou details and Makari explains to Arara he belongs to a family that is one of the candidates for replacing Himeou, the leader of Amawakuni. However Arata still disagrees to cross-dress as a girl. Makari decides she had no choice but to convenience Arata to take hold of the Goshinta; that had been passed down generation protecting the relic sword. Arata without hesitation grab the Goshinta and stuttled, only to fake the relic sword power. Being scolded by Makari, Arata is disappointed with the decision he had little to refuse. Remembering the nostalgia memories he had with Makari as a young kid, he choose to do it willingly.

Forest closes in on Arata

The next day, Arata is now fully dressed as a girl founding the idea still embarassed. Himeou's guards come to claim Arara dressed in drag, along with Kotoha tags along. When they reached to the capital to meet Himeou, Arata promote Kotoha to bring Makari to a safe place where no imperial guard, soldiers or the Shinshou member can harm both of them. When Arata first meets Himeou he is intimated of her finding out he is a man. However, the Kannagi strikes down Himeou before the ritual is completed. All the Shinshou betray Himeou and claim Arata as the culprit. Kannagi attacks Arata and discovers he's a male. Arata quickly flees from the scene into the Kando Forest forest where he is sucked into Japan switching with Arata Himohara.


Arata wanders the streets in Japan without any idea where he is, the police try to arrest him for wandering half-nude. Hinohara's sister Nao comes to his aid, but is unaware Arata is a different person since Arata is imitated into Hinohara's appearance. Hinohara's parents are devastated when he displays no memories of them, they claim the bullying has damaged his brain and sign him up for a cat-scan.


Arata Use Amatsuriki

Arata's Amatsuriki with a cell phone strap

Amatsuriki (天通力, Amatsuriki)

Arata can perform an Amatsuriki through his cellphone strap, which is imbedded with a bit of Oribe's Amatsuriki.


  • Arata Hinohara: Despite having the same name, the two are complete opposites. Both Aratas are relatively close as they keep in touch occasionally about their active situations through the Michihi no Tama worn and given by Kotoha.
  • Kotoha: The childhood friend of Arata. While Arata thinks of her as a sister, Kotoha had feelings for him.
  • Imina Oribe: Arata's schoolmate. He confused her with Kotoha when they meet. Then Arata and Oribe formed a strong bond as both are residents from Amawakuni.


  • Kadowaki was shocked when Arata finds the food, Kadowai tampered with is delicious. Kadowaki begun to suspect something is wrong when Arata quickly confronts him without needing constant antagonizing (Hinohara would only react when he finally tired from being pushed around after a long period of time).
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