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Arata Kangatari
Arata Kangatari
Kanji アラタカンガタリ 〜革神語〜
Rōmaji Arata Kangatari
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Written By Yuu Watase
Illustrated By Yuu Watase
Published By Shogakukan
English Publisher Viz Media
Original Run October 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 17 (ongoing)

Arata Kangatari, or Arata: The Legend is a manga about two boys, both named Arata, who mysteriously switch worlds with each other.

In a mythical world where humans and gods co-exist, a ceremony marking the new governing princess is about to occur for the first time in 60 years. Only a girl from the Hime Clan may take this position, but the lack of females born to this family means that a boy called Arata must pose for the role. During the ceremony, the Twelve Shinsho, the wielders of special swords called Hayagami, led by Kannagi, betray the princess by trying to kill her and Arata. Arata escapes and runs into the Kando Forest. He emerges from the forest and finds himself in the alley in present day Japan. He has a run-in with the police because he is shirtless but is saved by Nao, a girl who claims to be his sister.

Meanwhile in modern-day Japan, a boy named Arata Hinohara is starting his new life in high school. He wants to put memories of his difficult past behind him, but things aren’t going to be simple when Kadowaki, the bully from his old school, emerges. Kadowaki's bullying continues, and Hinohara discovers that his friend, Suguru, allied with Kadowaki and covered his desk with glue. Feeling angry and betrayed, he walks into an alley, and soon finds that is no longer in Japan, but rather a new world, Amawakuni, the other Arata's home. He is helped by Arata's grandmother and Kotoha, Arata's childhood friend. When Kannagi searches their house, Hinohara comes across a rusted sword and activates its power and becomes a sho. The sword is a Hayagami, or god, named Tsukuyo.


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