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Kanji 縛囚
Rōmaji Bakuto
Shou Harunawa
Kamui Bind People with Ropes
Manga Debut Chapter 52

Bakuto (縛囚, Bakuto) is a Hayagami that is wields by Harunawa. Bakuto's power can mainly form rope to coil or manipulate someone. Later, it reveal that Bakuto is actually a psudo-Hayagami created by Mumei, which is only activate when Harunawa remain alive (since he used to be dead). When Munakata destroys the source that is controlling Harunawa, Bakuto disappears along with his corspe.


Harunawa's weapon that forms from his palm. It forms into coils that attaches itself to its victims and constrict them to death. It can give Harunawa the ability to see into a person's memories or mind-control.

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