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Biographical Information
Kanji エミス
Rōmaji Emisu
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 19 (deceased)
Gender Female
Birth Date
Blood Type
Family Akachi (half-brother/deceased)
Location Amawakuni
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Anime Debut Episode 6 (flashback)
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Emisu (エミス, Emisu) is the lover of Kannagi and the half-sister of Akachi. Her role serves an importance to Kannagi's and Akachi's clashes and friendship.


Emisu wears conservative, feminine clothing with many flower patterns that much her name. She wears her hair (thought to be a shade of red or pink) in a ponytail held up by a bow. Her style is warm and lively, there are various patterns and color shades in her design.


Emisu is the feminine, nurturing type to contrast Akachi's stotic nature and Kannagi's impulsiveness. Emisu is submissive and willing to comply with whatever game the boys create. She is fragile in nature and easily harmed, making those around her feel the need to become her protector.


During childhood, she was captured, along with Akachi, and forced into slavery for being the children of a criminal (Emisu was unaware of being Akachi's half-sister). The two were saved by Kannagi, who secretly bought them.


Kannagi's Territory ArcEdit



Akachi is a very close friend to her - or half-brother in secret. Emisu cared for him deeply and was very clingy to him. She was unaware they were siblings, and her feelings for him grew to be romantic. Akachi protected her from danger, and she showed him kindness during their difficult times. Akachi held her in a special place in his heart and showed a tender side to her, while others saw a harsh, brutal young man. She was happy just being near him, even if their slave status prevented them of being close to each other.


Kannagi is her childhood friend and, unkowningly to her, also her and Akachi's master. Kannagi saw Emisu as a playmate and someone precious, he did everything in his power to keep her safe and Emisu returned that concern. His feelings for her were romantic, while it is uncertain how Emisu truly felt towards him, she cared for him as strongly as she did for Akachi. While they lived together it's unknown if it was as lovers or just as close friends.