Gatoya Anime
Kanji ガトヤ
Rōmaji Gatoya
Located In Amawakuni
Controlled By Tsutsuga
Manga Debut Chapter 8

Gatoya (ガトヤ, Gatoya) is an isolated island where criminals are held in prison by a Shou named Tsutsuga. Eventually, Tsutsuga submitted to Arata Hinohara and Hinohara used Saniwa to freed the prisoners and restore Gatoya back to its original state.

History and DescriptionEdit

Not much known about Gatoya's history, but it is very well-known to hold prisoners by a Shou who should be in charge by the government, much like Muroya. very. Currently Gatoya is a very desolate and grim island that gives unfair judgement onto prisoners, so much as it received the name, "Hell at the End of the World" from public reception. However, Gatoya wasn't like this before as it used to be a decent prison with fair judgement, but due to the betrayal that Tsutsuga received, he made Gatoya into a living hell.