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Harunawa 2

Biographical Information
Kanji ハルナワ
Rōmaji Harunawa
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Male
Birth Date December 7th (Sagittarius)
Blood Type
Hayagami Bakuto
Location Japan (current)
Amawakuni (former)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Six Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 43
Anime Debut Episode 8
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Harunawa (ハルナワ, Harunawa) is a member of the Six Shinshou. He switched places with Masato Kadowaki and is now in Japan.


Harunawa has a demonic appearance: his eyes are blood red, he has a Shinshou marking on his cheek, his hair is snowy white, he has pale skin (giving him an albino appearance), and the most notable is the cruel smile he often displays whenever something amuses him. He is seen wearing casual clothing in some scenes.


Harunawa is malicious, he enjoys tormenting his victims before finishing them off in cold blood. In his mind, all people are fair game. He is quite calculative and each of his plans are well thought out, he manages to deceive Arata and Oribe into believing he is idling his time away on Earth. In actuality, Harunawa is one of the coldest members of the Six Shou, but manages to hide his cruelty behind a deceptive mask of appearing as a regular charming young man. He can act quite social and is able to adapt to his surroundings quickly as shown by his ability to norm into Japanese culture, through Bakuto, shortly after arriving. Harunawa's deceptive skills are top-notch and he manages to murder several innocent bystanders by deceiving them into falsely believing he is harmless until it proves too late. He has a dark sense of humor as he taunts Arata for his inability to recall their past connection and his hayagami's ability to bind a victim to death (Arata is currently suffering from a small fraction of this power throughout the story). One of the few times where Harunawa shows a human characteristic is his flirtatious attitude towards Oribe. Harunawa does show slight sexual interest in Oribe for no other purpose than to tease his prey. His teasing is also meant to aggravate Arata. After discovering that Oribe is Himeou's successor he grows relentless in his pursue to assassinate her. His flaw is his sense of grandiose due to his powers as a shou. He looks at other humans as powerless against him and bears no mercy in ending their lives. Harunawa treats each opponent equally and won't hesitate in murdering an innocent if they step in his way. However, due to his apathetic attitude he sometimes misjudges his opponents and manages to get sidetracked when they prove to be a formidable. Arata and Oribe have manage to get the upperhand on a few occassions by distracting him.

Back in Awamakuni, his Zokushou seem to be on good terms with him and besides saying he speaks in an arrogant manner bear him no ill will. The other members of the Six Shou seem to consider him a valuable asset and use his abilities and craftiness to get rid of troublesome people.


During the time period where Kikuri leaves the capital to visit her dying mother, Harunawa goes on a killing spree. He begins murdering female babies (except Imina Oribe who got away) to prevent successors to Himeou's title. Harunawa almost kills a young Arata after murdering his parents. Arata's grandmother, Makari, saves him when she reveals Arata was a boy.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit

Harunawa was at the Himeou's ceremony but he is not shown. Although he is not shown, he appears in a foreshadow.

Kadowaki ArcEdit


Harunawa Entering The Kando Forest

Harunawa entering the Kando Forest

Harunawa along with the other Six Shou members came at the capital to check on Himeou's conditions revealing they had realize Himeou's alive. After The Six Shou convinced the attendants to personally keep secrets of Himeou's status for the sake of the battle submission withdraw chaos, they discussed with Kikuri's aging body that can only be resurrect by Hinohara's Tsukuyo will also backfires their plan. This leaves to the Six Shou's plan to eliminate Hinohara. Solemn by this, Harunawa took a step forward taking off his mask with a malice smile as he goes according to the plan.

Harunawa is later at the Kando Forest appeared with the Six Shou deciding to go into the another world to their plot. Harunawa strip himself reveal his marks that was on his top chanting scared code. Once he end it with "Guide me!" the trees distorted around him and Harunawa switched with Kadowaki to Earth.


Harunawa Collecting Information of Earth

Harunawa absorbing information

Harunawa is reunited with Arata, who has no memories of the Shou murdering his parents. Harunawa attacks Arata and was about to release his Kamui. But his attention turns to some seniors who taunt the Shou since they see him as Kadowaki. Harunawa binds them with his Hayagami, Bakuto. Bakuto's Kamui blind the seniors with several ropes on them. Harunawa noticing Arata while Arata tries saving the seniors Harunawa uses his Hayagami to strike him, Arata dodges but his wrist gets hit by the bind and it attaches itself to his flesh. His Hayagami then turn back into a long nail and stick his nail into one of the seniors, this he start gaining some useful information and memories. Oribe shows up at the scene and Harunawa walks off in boredom; waiting for when the time is right.

Yorunami ArcEdit

Harunawa has already adjusted to Japanese high school life, he has now fully grown comfortable being under the guise as Kadowaki thanks to the forest's spell and his hayagami. Arata grows more and more uncomfortable with Bakuto's bind slowly growing over his body, Harunawa is quick to gloat over the fact. Harunawa mockingly asks why Arata appears so troubled which Arata responds he should be well-aware since he was the one who caused this discomfort. Harunawa rubs the fact in that Bakuto will not kill him anytime soon since he was only hit by a small portion of the hayagami's power. While they discuss these issues, Harunawa notices Suguru listening in to their conversation and falsely greets him with polite mannerisms. Suguru is instantly suspicious since the real Kadowaki always talked down to him, but he tries to act normal to not make the fake Kadowaki angry at him. After he greets Harunawa and flees, Harunawa grows interested in the young man and asks Arata if the boy is his friend. Harunawa continues to mention he had seen the past events of Suguru proclaiming himself Hinohara's friend and then gluing the boy's desk to gain the praises of the bullies. A surprised Arata asks how he knows these things, but Harunawa deliberately ignores him to continue greeting other classmates, much to Arata's discomfort. 

Unfortunately, Arata lets down his guard too soon. While Suguru is left alone to attend to personal business, Harunawa asks him to meet him on the roof so they could discuss some problems. Suguru unknowingly walks up to his soon to be execution site. Suguru believes Kadowaki is going to scold him over some trivial matters, instead Harunawa openly attacks the young man and asks him if he truthfully considered himself Hinohara's friend. Harunawa adds in false information of releasing Suguru if he reveals never truly being hinohara's friend. After months of feeling quilty over denying his honest feelings of wanting to make amends to Hinohara, Suguru reveals himself to genuinely consider Hinohara a friend. With this proclaimation, Harunawa has met the personal requirement he needs and is quick to rip apart the unfortunate boy right in front of Arata, who discovers at the last minute what was Harunawa's true intentions. Once Suguru is murdered, Arata is horrified over harunawa's act of cruelty. Harunawa leaves the execution scene and mentions in passing that more deaths are to follow.

Akachi ArcEdit


Harunawa bite of Oribe's watch

Harunawa bites off Oribe's watch

Later on, Arata and Oribe notice Harunawa has been calm and not performing any hostile actions. However, Oribe discovers Harunawa observing women. When Harunawa shows up to taunt Arata she mentions this to him and asks if he has interest in her. Harunawa blankly tells her he was interested, but felt nothing peculiar about her. He then mentions to Arata that for Kugura's submission it was time to play again.

Oribe Use Amatsuriki

Bakuto's Kamui vanishes

Harunawa takes advantage of his appearance as Kadowaki to mislead Hinohara's sister, Nao, into believing her brother sent him there to accompany her home after tennis practice. They start to head for her house, but she mentions to Harunawa her brother's strange actions. Harunawa takes advantage of her comments to reveal his idenity and tries murdering her. Arata shows up right before Harunawa succeeds. When the situation looks bleak for Arata, Oribe shows up to help them. While she is a decent fighter, Harunawa proves stronger. Right when he is about to choke her, she releases Amasturiki causing him to back off. Harunawa discovers Oribe was the one baby who managed to escape before Harunawa could murder her. He is unable to use his Hayagami on her and has to admit defeat. Harunawa's game switches to trying to murder Oribe.

Kikoku Island ArcEdit

Summer break begins in Japan and Oribe has to travel to her grandfather's hometown on Kikoku Island. She invites Arata to travel with her, and Nao decides to tag along. While there the the high schoolers begin working under Oribe's grandfather and cousin, Maya. Oribe and Maya often spat over small things.

When her grandfather gives the two a break, Oribe is in the middle of confessing her feelings towards Arata when Maya jealously interuppts their private moment. While the older groups argues, Nao gets a phone-call from home telling her that Kadowaki- Harunawa- had paid them a visit to ask where they had traveled to.

Nao rushes back to warn them. While Oribe and Maya argue, Harunawa is shown watching them from a cliff with his nails elongated out menacingly mentioning how she's going to have a fun summer.

Oribe latches on to Arata and storms off with him in toe, Maya grows irritated and goes her own way. Harunawa begins to slowly realize that Oribe's power has still not been able to take full control over her power and Arata's cellphone strap is not strong enough to ward him off forever. Once Nao warns them of Harunawa's trickery, Arata becomes deadset determined to keep the girl protected to the point of coming off as perverted. Her grandfather gets the wrong assumption and chains the boy up for his grandaughter's safety. After awhile, Arata falls asleep and Harunawa appears in his dream during the assassination attempt on Himeou. However, something about the dream isn't right and Arata wakes up from the nightmare and accidently strikes the grandfather who came to check on him.

Later on, Maya fails to get Arata's agreement to come to the fireworks festival with her, she goes back to the beach to sulk. While there Harunawa appears and claims to have traveled to Kikoku Island because he is smitten with Oribe, but knows she has falled for Arata. Maya rebutes his claims and says she will arrange a private meeting between the two so he can confess. Harunawa latches on to her naviety and uses Bakuto to take control of her mind and lure Arata away from Oribe so he can commence an assassination on Oribe through Maya.

Ikisu ArcEdit


Bakuto (縛囚, Bakuto)


Arata: Harunawa claims to have known Arata for a while and tells him they were old friends. Arata shows no recognition of knowing Harunawa, however. Harunawa finds enjoyment in teasing Arata and often makes snide comments on how Arata will lose his loved ones when he least expects it. Arata is weary of Harunawa who seems more powerful. Eventually Arata's memories recover and he realizes Harunawa is the man who slaughtered his parents back in his early childhood. After that, Harunawa coldly directed his attention to the child to prepare for his next kill. When Harunawa realizes that Arata is a boy after Arata's grandmother steps in to save him, he felt dejected since he lost an opportunity to kill. Now Harunawa regrets for sparing Arata since it allowed him to switch with Arata Hinohara who is a wrench in their plan for becoming a Shou.

Imina Oribe: One of the candidates as successor to Himeou. Her parents manage to send her away to Japan before Harunawa had a chance on murdering her. Upon discovering his failure, he plots how to kill her. Harunawa enjoys sexually teasing Oribe to get a reaction during a few of their run-in's. But there is no proof that he has any desires for her and his teasing seems to thrive mostly on getting a response.


  • Harunawa's Hayagami, Bakuto, coils around victims and crushes them to death.
  • He has displayed the ability of looking through a person's memories by inserting his claw into their forehead. Not only people's mind, he can also insert nails into the ground that collects event that occur around the area he was in.
  • Harunawa is a master manipulator; he can easily appear charming before toying with his victims to attain information.
  • It seems when Harunawa kill his prey it becomes part of his body in the form of marks.
  • Harunawa is the only Six Shou member who has no connection with Earth.
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