Hayagami (劍神, Hayagami) are the gods (goddesses) of Amawakuni. Many of them exist and usually take the form of swords (sometimes other weapons). It is later revealed that they have humanoid forms, all of them appearing as beautiful women. The Hayagami are wielded by chosen men known as the Shou, who they allow to harness their divine abilities.


Hayagami are responsible for the creation of Amawakuni and all of them possess unique powers which coincide with with what aspect of the world is under their jurisdiction. The mother of the Hayagami, Tsukuyo, is responsible for bringing the world into order and for birthing all other existing Hayagami.

The only restraint on a Hayagami's power is the Amatsuriki, special magic genetically passed through the women of the Himezoku. The elected princess from the Himezoku is responsible for keeping the Hayagami under constant surveillance so as to prevent any Shou from abusing his given power.

Demonization Edit

Should a Shou lose himself in his emotions, his Hayagami shall become susceptible to demonization. The goddess and her Shou shall become corrupted and both turn into demons.

List of Known Hayagami Edit

Twelve Shinsho

Kannagi's Zokushou

Akachi's Zokushou

Yorunami's Zokusho

Kugura's Zokushou

Yataka's Zokushou

Kikutsune's Zokushou

Ameeno's Zokushou


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