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Biographical Information
Kanji イキス
Rōmaji Ikisu
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age Around 200 (actual)
Gender Male
Birth Date December 15th (Sagittarius)
Blood Type
Family Matilde (mother/deceased)
Location Amawakuni (current)
France (former)
Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Affiliation Six Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 43
Anime Debut Episode 8
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Ikisu (イキス, Ikisu) is a member of Six Shinshou, and the last member whose face was revealed along with Ameeno. He is the Shou of Nouga.


Ikisu's Appearance
Full Appearance
Ikisu has white skin, brown eyes and dark chestnut hair, which he keeps split into two ponytails that face opposite directions, at both sides of his head. The most prominent feature about Ikisu is that, although physically a male, he prefers to dress like a woman, wearing lipstick and other cosmetics to glamorize his appearance.

At first, he wore the ceremonial cloak and the Six Shou facial mask but, after his comrades submitted, he cast aside those clothes to dress in a white gown that resembles a jumper, with a pair of heels for decorative reasons. Finally, Ikisu wears a one-winged nose peg, hinting the fact that he can't smell. Though he appears as a calm, beautiful young woman, he sometimes drops this appearance to show a snake-like appearance with wide demonic shaped eyes. It reveal that his appearance is suppose to be identical to his mother.


Ikisu is shown to have a split personality. Ikisu acts typically in a feminine manner but does occasionally use male speech when referring to himself. He seems indifferent to people's taunts regarding his appearance. While he does not seem to be the type of fighter who engages in constant battle for the thrill of it, like some of his fellow Shinshou, he is shown to be formidable in scent and emotion manipulation and some combat skills. Unfortunately, he is not a strong physical combatant and was easily overtaken by Ameeno's strength. There are times when Ikisu acts like a small child when he observes battles and is shown clapping immaturely at fighter's responses to his scents. Whenever angered he tends to scare people as he switches back and forth between personalities unsettling his opponents.

He appears to have severe PTSD of his past life on Earth living on the streets and having negative interactions with people throughout the majority of his life. His parents abandoned him either as a baby or small child and some unidentified male guardian took him in and beat him senselessly every night. In present times, Ikisu is shown cowering and shows some hysteria whenever night falls possibly linked to the years of abuse. On Earth he dresses as a young man and appears to act in a boyish manner, it's unknown when he took on the female identity of his mother "Matilde," but it seemed the personality developed after she refused him when he sought her out for comfort as a teenager. He possibly has dissociative identity disorder from his past trauma and he is shown talking between his Ikisu and Matilde personalities like they are separate people. The main identity Ikisu does not seem to have grown past his childhood stage while "Matilde" is shown in a mature manner. His main phobias are nightfall and smelly things due to living on the streets.


Ikisu is of French origin as revealed by Ameeno. As a child, Ikisu had to do jobs such as chimney cleaning and selling things on the street. He is also beaten up by an unknown man, possibly his father or guardian 'every night' as it says in volume 22 during a flashback. He has a mother named Mathilde who he requests to meet who rejects him and claims she does not know him. He is then kicked onto the street and told to 'Crawl back to your sewer, you smelly urchin.'


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


  • Smell and Emotion Manipulation: Ikisu uses his scents to manipulate the flow of battle and the responses of his victims. He is able to find an opponent's weakness and uses it to manipulate them into obeying him. His scents can also change a person's appearance. He possibly uses this to make his appearance more feminine since he appears more masculine -body-wise- in his past life on Earth.
  • Flight: Ikisu is able to hover in the air for short periods of time thanks to his hayagami.
  • Demon-state: Ikisu can change into a demon form of a giant butterfly and caterpillar type creature.


Kanate: Ikisu went after Kadowaki initaally to influence him into making Arata submit. However, upon realizing Kanate's inferiority complex regarding Kadowaki and Arata's powers, he takes an interest in him instead. He manipulates Kanate into attacking Arata and taunting the latter over their "fake friendship."

Ameeno: The two work together as members of the Six Shou and have similar goals of returning to Earth, where they had horrible lives, and destroying it. After the two decide to join the contest to become emperor they initially leave on good terms until Ameeno sweeps in to attack Ikisu's territory when the latter was weak and defenseless as he dealt with his night phobias. Ameeno was the stronger opponent in the end and he weakens Ikisu into a pitiable state of sobbing and crawling away as his Ikisu personality-the childish, weaker one- came in. Ikisu submits to Ameeno in the end.


  • Appears to have dissociative identity disorder developed from his traumatic past
  • His main phobias are nightfall and smelly things after living on the streets and being abused every night
  • Matilde appears to be the stronger personality while his actual personality, Ikisu, is shown weaker and appears to be emotionally stunted in a stage of childhood.
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