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Imina Oribe
Imina Oribe
Biographical Information
Kanji 織部 実名
Rōmaji Oribe Imina
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 15
Gender Female
Birth Date
Blood Type
Family Parents (deceased)
Location Japan (current)
Amawakuni (former)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Himezoku
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Anime Debut
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Imina Oribe (織部 実名, Oribe Imina) is a ordinary student who Arata met on Earth. She is a Himezoku formerly from Amawakuni.


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Oribe has brownish-blonde hair and purple colored eyes. Both Aratas and Kadowaki confuses her for Kotoha when first meeting her. Oribe wears the school uniform of a beige sweater over a white dress shirt and a plaited skirt.


Oribe is somewhat similar to Amawakuni Arata in personality. Oribe is very strong-willed and refuses to step down from a challenge when someone hurts her friends. She has been trained in karate and uses these skills to assist. Oribe has a good keen awareness, she is able to detect small details about people that others wouldn't notice. Oribe can see Arata in his own form and admits to him later that she doesn't feel connected to the world she's living in, Japan. Oribe is not easily intimidated, when Harunawa begins toying with Arata she teasingly asks Harunawa about his intentions.


Oribe have always admit to herself that doesn't feel belong in the life in Earth and questions about her own life. Therefore making her feel lonely and not adjusting herself into life throughout her years.

This answers back to when Oribe was revealed to be born as a Himezoku in Amawakuni. 15 years ago when the killing spree of the female Himezoku occurred, Oribe's parents tried to protect her from the murderer who attempted to claim her life. Her parents end up being killed, however Oribe managed to escape through the Kando Forest and switched with the person from Earth who turns out to be Mikusa.

Arriving in Japan through a restricted area on Kikoku Island, Mikusa's mother found Oribe, despite the changed appearance, the mother can tell Oribe is not her daughter and shallows in distress. Although the grandfather is unconvinced and takes Oribe as his adorable granddaughter. Cousin Maya notice her aunt's odd behavior towards Oribe, and overtime even she began to regard Oribe as weird. With a faded memory of her time in Amawakuni, Oribe soon adapted to a new life in Japan and made a few friends, but always felt out of place or cry knowing she is not a habitat of her current world.


Kadowaki ArcEdit


Amatsuriki (天通力, Amatsuriki)

Karate: While fighting her opponent, she stand position with a knife-hand in front and her fist at the side of her waist to observe her opponent moves and strike to attack. She uses these skills while facing Harunawa, most of her attacks are from her powerful kicks. It is unknown how much she learns though as she once let her guard down while attempting to save Arata.


Arata: She and Arata are very close as Arata is the only one who can feel related to her. She is the only one who can see his true form. They feel a close bond since both feel out of place in Japan, upon discovering they are from Amawakuni, Arata tries to convince her in returning with him. They care for one another and Oribe considers herself Arata's protector.

Harunawa: Harunawa is Oribe's enemy. He would have murdered her in infancy if her parents hadn't sent her to Japan. After learning her identity he plans to kill her since he failed the first time. He enjoys toying with her in a flirtatious manner.


  • Although looking similar to Kotoha, both girls are different. Oribe is assertive and takes action, while Kotoha is more submissive and follows others who have more leadership skills.
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