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Isora 2
Biographical Information
Kanji イソラ
Rōmaji Isora
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 16 (physically)
Around 600 (actual)
Gender Male
Birth Date May 3rd (Taurus)
Blood Type
Family All members (deceased)
Hayagami Kohaku
Location Amawakuni (current)

Middle Age Europe (former)

Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Affiliation Six Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 43
Anime Debut Episode 1
Image Gallery

Isora (イソラ, Isora) is the fourth Six Shinshou member that had his face revealed. Throughout the series, he wore a mouth cover all the time, because he is unable to speak, though, by being the Shou of Kohaku, he gained the ability to generate and communicate words.


Isora Full
Full Appearance
Isora has pale skin, green eyes and black hair, which reaches his nape. Like the rest of the other Six Shou, he usually wore the Six Shinshou ceremonial robe.

In his castle, Isora wears medieval christian clothes, characterized by being black colored and having several christian symbols on them. Those clothes consist of a dark doublet, with a belt tighten his waist, wristbands, fingerless gloves and a cloak, which is attached to an armor and to a linear with the Twelve Shinshou's badge; also, he wears white pants and stripped boots that reach his knees. The most notable feature about Isora is his mouth covering, which has a devilish design and hints the fact that he can't speak.


Isora chooses to observe from the sidelines and prefers to keep his intentions hidden; only Kikutsune claims to know what Isora is thinking through his self-proclamation of being Isora's brother. While the rest of the Six Shou work together (Kikutsune still follows orders), Isora chooses to handle things on his own. Due to the mouth restraint, Isora's emotions are only shown through his eyes. Most of the time he is seen with a nonchalant gaze and his attitude is to remain indifferent around the more hotheaded members in the story. Isora does not get alarmed easily and always has a backup strategy to prevent enemies from finding a method to force him into submission.

Though he had been betrayed once, he was seen as a huge hypocrite,traitor, and a misanthrope holding disgusted toward humans refusing to admit he's wrong and everyone else was. He thought all humans are evil and only betrayed ironic he betrayed Kikutsune to save him-selves and even sold out his entire family and friends out of depression and grief. His desire and only motive was to liberate people to show their colors in front of God representing Isora the devil.


Isora used to lived in the middle ages in Europe. He once had a very good life back at home until his close friend; who he used to trust and went to negotiate the inquisition to protect him had betrayed Isora by accusing he's a witch. He was sent to the inquisition and was persecuted in the witch trials. Isora has been tortured daily and had his tongue been burned and pulled out with a red-hot iron stick. After Isora being dunk several times, he was transported to Amawakuni.

Before he was tortured for his false crime, Isora lied at the witch trial that all of his family members and friends are witches. Realizing that his friend had only wanted the inheritance that was handed down to Isora and accused him a witch, he became beyond untrustworthy wanting to confirm all humans are evil.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


Kohaku (言霊, Kohaku)



  • It is showed that Isora has telepathy ability, but ironically he don't use this power very often and only uses his Kamui to communicate people.
  • There had been speculate that Isora is from Spain regarding due the torture device he had used on Mikusa and the Spanish Inquisition took a huge role during the middle age Europe of punishing witches.
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