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Biographical Information
Kanji カナテ
Rōmaji Kanate
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 14
Gender Male
Birth Date April 2nd (Aries)
Blood Type
Family Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Half-brothers (deceased)
Hayagami Happujin-Nigana
Occupation Shou
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 3
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Kanate (カナテ, Kanate) is the first person Arata Hinohara met along the journey. Kanate was once former member of a bandit gang and had a sole purpose for joining Arata's group. Later on, Kanate fulfill his purpose as becoming a Shou and left Hinohara and the others.


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Kanate has red hair and brown colored eyes. He always has a red downwards-facing arrow mark on his face.


Kanate is sarcastic and has no problem telling others what he thinks of them. He has no shame in his actions. Kanate is very competitive with Arata Hinohara for Kotoha's affections which Kannagi pokes fun at. Kanate is picked on by Kannagi who grows annoyed whenever Kanata mentions to Hinohara they shouldn't allow a sneaky weaponless Shinshou into their group. Kanate is bitter towards his brothers and father for abandoning him and Ginchi during a raid. Kanate wishes to grow stronger to seek revenge on his family for their betrayal. Kanate is upset on how weak he is compared to Hinohara and Kannagi; so when one of Kugura's Zokushou offers him a chance to wield a Hayagami he jumps for the opportunity. However, after becoming a Zokushou, he leaves the group and murders all the members of the thief clan he once was a member of.


His father was a leader of a bandit group and his mother was one of the women that his father captured. Kanate shown cares for his mother and detest his father because he didn't give her decent medicine and therefore died. Regardless of that, he's part of the bandit group and continue to be like this until he met Ginchi.

As Kanate, Ginchi and his other brothers stole supplies from a wealthy family. His brothers betrayed him and Ginchi and they got captured and was transported to Gatoya. Kanate was filled with grudge for his brothers abandon them and murder Ginchi's father and swears to get revenge. He even has this grudge before he met Ginchi.


Gatoya ArcEdit

Kanate, along with Ginchi, shows up in front of Hinohara and Kotoha when they arrived at Gatoya. Kanate remarks how pathetic Hinohara's uniform looks, and took a huge interest in Kotoha, who he finds attractive. He attempts to get their attention, but Hinohara brushes them off, which makes them annoyed. He and Ginchi attack them roughly and Hinohara manage to dodge all their attacks. The situation changes as the island begins persecuting inmates and the boys are force to rely on another for survival. After Hinohara purified the warden, the gang along with Kotoha escape the island on a petal raft and reach the mainland.


Happujin-Nigana (八風陣・苦, Happujin Nigana) a Hayagami previously belonged to Futai, Kugura's Zokushō dying from illness.


  • Ginchi: Kanate and Ginchi are good friends. Kanate care for Ginchi deeply and act like a brother toward him. Kanate willing to murder his brothers to have revenge for murdering Ginchi's father and the one who abandon them.
  • Arata Hinohara: Kanate and Hinohara meet at Gatoya Island. Later on, Hinohara saw Kanate a true friend and worries about him when he left the group.


  • Kanate and Kannagi often have friendly spats similar to brothers. Kannagi usually hits Kanate whenever Kanate makes a rude comment relating to Kannagi.
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