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Biographical Information
Kanji カンナギ
Rōmaji Kannagi
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 18 (physically)
147 (actual)
Gender Male
Height 177cm
Birth Date August 1st (Leo)
Blood Type B
Family Father (deceased)
Emisu (lover/deceased)
Hayagami Homura
Location Amawakuni
Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
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Kannagi (カンナギ, Kannagi) is a member of the Twelve Shinshou. He plays as an antagonist during the first few arcs of the series, later on he joins Hinohara's group and becomes one of the main characters. He is the Shinshou of Fire who wields the blazing Hayagami, Homura.


Image Gallery

Kannagi has long white hair and amber colored eyes. His Twelve Shinshou symbol is located on his forehead. He wears a short sleeved jacket that is held together by a clamp on his chest and a gauntlet on his shoulder. He wears shorts that reach his knees. Kannagi is usually displayed as haughty, in a higher-than-thou attitude.


Kannagi is extremely hot-headed and can be easily annoyed. Kannagi's fiery temper is a pun of his Hayagami, Homura. His arrogance is a joke in the series since even when he lost his Hayagami, he claimed he could beat Arata. He also tends to misinterprets things people explain to him and usually twists their words around to benefit his needs. Kannagi is also quite knowledgeable about Hayagami and the environment; and will sometimes lend helpful advice to the group on how to avoid getting into trouble. Of course, Kannagi doesn't always willingly offer advice since he frequently points out he only joined them to get Homura back. Kannagi acts as an older brother figure to Hinohara's group and serves as Hinohara's mentor. Kannagi does care for his friends, but chooses to hide his concern under a veil of arrogance and indifference. He does get slightly embarrassed whenever someone mentions him doing something honorable and does feel guilty over his initial antagonism towards Hinohara and Kotoha. Kannagi is sometimes displayed as misogynistic when he refuses a job of helping women bathe since it was a woman's job to bathe him. Ironically, Kannagi's relationship with fellow Shinshou, Akachi, mirrors Arata and Kadowaki. Despite some of the cruel deeds Akachi performed, Kannagi forgives him since Akachi has been both his most loyal and trusted friend since childhood. Overall, Kannagi is a multifaceted character, he wants to be the good guy but doesn't always make the wisest decisions.


His past reveal a little mysterious about how he became a Shou. Kannagi caught a fever and it last for almost three days. His lover, Emisu was worried about him, so she went up to the hill to get some herbs to heal him. However, when Kannagi heard that Emisu was burning to death, he rushed to her, but he failed to save her. The fire burned at his right shoulder and Emisu died. After her death, Kannagi mourn over her and attempted to kill himself to be with her. Eventually it stopped when Homura's torch start flaring at his blade and chose him as it Shou.

Kannagi's Deal with Akachi

Akachi promising Kannagi to look after Emisu

Emisu's importance to him to his regard and the submission battle between Akachi explains more into his further past. Back when Kannagi was little went to the market with his father to see the "accused slave" who was carried out their sins and Akachi and Emisu is one of them. They were taken to Kannagi's family and thus he formally meet Akachi and Emisu. Kannagi cheerfully greet them with respect and they became friends. As time passed, Kannagi's and Akachi's friendship became stronger and Kannagi developed some feeling toward Emisu. Their happier time was ruined when the former ruler of Okoro had passed away without choosing a successor. Kannagi save Emisu from robbers and from Akachi's observations, Akachi asked Kannagi to marry Emisu and after he told the truth to Kannagi. Kannagi painfully told the truth back to Akachi that he is one who brought them, trapped them within 50 feet and their owner all along. The revolt begins and the three of them (Kannagi, Akachi and Emisu) escape from the rebellion slaves. Akachi left both of them leaving Emisu in Kannagi's care.

Around the exact year of the incident and after Kannagi became the Twelve Shinshou, he reunited with Akachi, but not a happy one when he cringed to reveal to his friend that Emisu died within the flames and he fail to protect her. Kannagi kept begged for forgiveness repeating. Akachi then calmly forgave Kannagi that friends forgive and help each other. But Kannagi suspects that Akachi didn't truly forgive him and fear that one day Akachi will get revenge.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


He was introduced along with the other Shinshou members bowing at Himeou's throne. Kannagi along with other Shinshou informed they will give their powers to the new Himeou for the divine protection. The Twelve Shinshou are at the meeting for the upcoming ceremony for Himeou's replacement. The Shinshou members implied they leave everything to Kannagi, while he smirk licks his Hayagami.

They appeared at the ceremony the next day as Arata and Himeou are there. After Kikuri finish the first part of the ritual, Kannagi ran toward the center area and slashed Kikuri's chest in front of Arata. He smiled as Kikuri attempt to fire Amatsuriki at him, but fail and Kannagi rudely confront her how weak she is. After Kikuri fell, Kannagi then strike at Arata and ripped his upper female garment discover that Arata is a boy. One of the Shinshou, call out his name which Kannagi now ready to kill Arata for the sake of revolution. Kannagi quickly attempt to stab Arata, but he dodge by jump over the area down to the water. Others tell him he can release his Hayagami's Kamui so they can start the "battle for submission". He step down to the main public interior to announced the whole citizens falsely claiming Arata the responsible for Kikuri's murderer and the soldiers to hunt down Arata and execute him. Kannagi along with the soldiers ride their Hanima chase after Arata at the Kando Forest. The soldiers stop and replied to Kannagi that Arata have ran to the Kando Forest, which amuse Kannagi that he is a fool for him to be "devour" to the other side to the world.

Kannagi later appear at front of the Kando Forest shouting Hinohara (who take the form of his counterpart Arata) for Himeou's murderer which of course completely this confuse and frighten Hinohara. He and the soldiers later come across a group of pilgrims, and seriously keep in eye of the pilgrims including Hinohara and Kotoha under the disguise. He suspiciously stop Hinohara and Kotoha, only the tell them they "drop" a red bell on the ground and to be careful as Hinohara quickly pick up the bell.

Later Kannagi took Kotoha as hostage in his hand and ordered the soldiers to check all the places in the house reclaiming he knew there was suspicious in the count of all the pilgrims back at the capital. The soldiers notified Kannagi with no sign of Arata. Kannagi's frustrated by this and had no choice bu to demanded Kotoha for Arata's whereabouts. Kotoha lied to Kannagi she didn't know, and knowing she is lying. He threatening Kotoha by tightening and twisting her wrist. But Kotoha still refused to to tell where's Arata believing Arata would never do something despicable. This caught Hinohara's attention and reveal himself to free Kotohoa. Kannagi pushes Kotoha out of the way letting her free and releases Homura's Kamui. Letting out a blast of fire, Hinohara manages to dodges it. Kannagi is about to attack again, but is distracted by when Hinohara picked up the Goshinta shaking. Kannagi is astonished thought the Goshinta could be a Hayagami, but eventually came to his sense give his soldiers nodded to attack. Hinohara dodges all of their attacks and braked one of their blade; which has fell on Kannagi burning it with Homura. Kannagi stated he was impressed by Hinohara's skill and went full charge toward Hinohara. Hinohara deflected his Kamui by using the word "appear" that Makari told him. Surprised by this, he decided to retreat with his troops and proclaim this isn't over.


Homura (火焔, Homura)


  • Emisu: Kannagi's lover and childhood friend. When she and Akachi came to Haniyasu as a slaves, Kannagi felt sympathy and curiosity for them, so he asked his father to buy them, and by doing so he saved their lives and secretly became their master. Since then Kannagi nurtured a close friendship with both of them. Kannagi saw Emisu as a playmate and someone precious, he did everything in his power to keep her safe and Emisu returned that concern. His feelings for her were romantic, while it is uncertain how Emisu truly felt towards him, she cared for him as strongly as she did for Akachi. While they lived together it's unknown if it was as lovers or just as close friends. It has been said by Kannagi that the one Emisu truly loved was Akachi, her half-brother and not himself. 
  • Akachi: Kannagi's best friend from childhood. When he and Emisu came to Haniyasu as a slaves, Kannagi felt sympathy and curiosity for them, so he asked his father to buy them, and by doing so he saved their lives and secretly became their master. Since then Kannagi nurtured a close friendship with both of them. Akachi considered Kannagi to be different from his father, someone who wanted to be their friend even if they were from a different social standing, that was one of the reasons that convinced him that he was able to protect Emisu in his place. When the other slaves organized a riot against Kannagi's father he sacrificed himself so his friend and his younger sister could safely escape, but when they met again and he heard of Emisu's death he started to held a grudge against Kannagi for not being able to protect her. In the end, he submitted to Kannagi and said he had always wished to be accepted as Kannagi's equal.
  • Arata Hinohara: Kannagi confronted Hinohara at the Kando Forest mistaking him for the Himezoku Arata that he had framed. He quickly realized something unusual of Hinohara that he escaped unharmed and awakened a Hayagami that neutralized his own. Once he seized Hinohara and has himself prejudged at the imperial court he reluctantly pity Hinohara. Still intrigued of the unique Hayagami, Kannagi verified Hinohara a life sentence on Gatoya Island instead of execution. Visiting the island to inspect any activity Hinohara could have accomplished to his surprise Tsutsuga submitted to him. After the massacre of his Zokushō by Akachi's hands, Hinohara offers Kannagi a chance of redemption the two formed a tenuous companionship. Later after Kikutsune's downfall, Kannagi learns that Hinohara and Arata are different people.


  • Kannagi's Shinshou status is 132 years and his favorite food is meat.
  • Kannagi has a habit of choking (kicking, in the manga) Arata whenever he annoys him.
  • Kannagi and Yataka have several spats mostly over cleanliness. Kannagi picks on Yataka about his relationship with Kikuri.
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