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Biographical Information
Kanji キクリ
Rōmaji Kikuri
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 9 (physically)
Estimate near 70 (actual)
Gender Female
Birth Date
Blood Type
Family Father (deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Location Amawakuni
Occupation Himeou
Affiliation Himezoku
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
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Kikuri (キクリ, Kikuri), most commonly called Himeou (秘女王, Himeou), is the leader over the kingdom and with her strong Amatsuriki, she keeps the powers of the Hayagami in line as her job as a Himeou. Kikuri resume her duty for a another 30 years due to the decreasing population of the Himezoku females are being eliminated. Thus her Amatsuriki is getting weaker.


Despite her old age she has the size of a little girl. Yataka uses his Hayagami to reflect Kikuri's true self unchanged but a much taller and mature woman.


When first introduced, Kikuri is shown as kind and mature (partially due to her true age being around sixty). However, people see her as cold and duty-oriented. Her cold personality comes from trying to maintain her duties and take responsibility, and to make certain others stay in line. Kikuri watches over her people and refuses to let them suffer. As Himeou she has to disregard her personal feelings, she suffers from seeing people die and suffer and faces rejection from people she had to turn her back on thanks to her duty (ex. Yataka). Kikuri willingly abandons her feelings and everything she has to protect the civilization in Amawakuni. She serves a spiritual guide to Arata Hinohara at the beginning of his journey and is the one who helps to motivate him into saving Amawakuni.


Yataka and Kikuri

Kikuri in Yataka's embracement

50 years ago, Kikuri asked Yataka to help her visit her ill mother who lived in his territory. Yataka choose to listen to her plea and help her; he uses his Utsuho-No-Kagami to turn her into a beautiful maiden that catches his eyes. After successfully visiting her mother, Kikuri and Yataka form a friendship that soon develops into love. She fell in love with Yataka after he comforts her from her mother's passing and considered eloping with him. However,she discovers a rogue Shou has gone berserk in Muroya and decides to resume her duty as Himeou and is forced to treat Yataka coldly so he could stop pursuing her since more important matters were at hand. Her coldness towards him hurts her and causes her emotional pain that she keeps hidden.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit

Kannagi "kills" Kikuri

Himeou being assassinates by Kannagi

Himeou is introduced at the ceremony where she was to hand over her title as Himeou to the next female successor whom is Arata. Himeou is performing the first ritual; but before the ritual is completed Kannagi strikes her down. She tries to fight back, but is severely weaken and the other Shinshou make no effort in saving her. The citizens all deem her dead, until it is discovered she is in a catatonic state.

Kikuri Appear In Front of Arata

Appearing in the Michi-no-Tama vision

At the trial, the minister revealed her corpse to the citizens, everyone is horrified at Himeou's painful death. Before the trial ends, Arata Hinohara confronts the Twelve Shinshou on their betrayal, she tries to whisper to Hinohara's mind, but he fails to notice her voice. She then reaches out to Arata Hinohara in a vision created by their Michihi-no-Tama spells and told him to save the citizens and herself to prevent from chaos and war. She also informed him that her body continues to grow, but once she reaches her real age she will die. Kikuri believes in Arata and that he will protect the citizens after learning he is Tsukuyo's Shou and will return the Hayagami to revive her. Afterward, Himeou disappeared in the vision.

Kadowaki ArcEdit

The servants at the capital were surprised of Himeou's body aging meaning she's still alive. The Six Shinshou then appear at the capital, stating they will find a solution to break her Amatsuriki membrane, but lie about her status must be kept secret. While the servants disappear, the Six Shou then examine Himeou's body, and attempt calculating a way to eliminate Arata Hinohara and his Tsukuyo to prevent Kikuri's recovery. Later on,the Six Shou introduced the unconscious ruler to Kadowaki, with the offer he must kill her to defeat Arata.

Yataka ArcEdit

Her lifeless body has now grown to a mid-twenty age and was checked by her former lover Shinshou Yataka. Upon Yataka's reaction,he then cruelly tells her lifeless body he wishes she should die.

After Arata defeats Yataka, Yataka tells the group he truly loved Kikuri all along and feels ashamed he didn't attempt rescuing her at the ceremony. Kikuri can hear his explanation and cries over how both of them feel guilty for turning their backs on one another.

Isora ArcEdit

Kikuri Older Age

In her adult conditions

Three of the Six Shou members check on her body again and this time,she is now in her late-twenty and they restates Kikuri still stubbornly clings to her life for Hinohara.

Ikisu ArcEdit

Oribe Contacts Himeou

Kikuri is still in her adult conditions and again was checked by the three Six Shou members.

Later Kikuri heard Oribe crying for help in her visions. Kikuri sense Harunawa threaten at her and warn her which Harunawa cuts off their contact. Eventually Oribe gains full power of her Amatsuriki from Kikuri.


Amatsuriki (天通力, Amatsuriki)

Kikuri's main power. As a Himeou, she's able to seal the Kamui within all the Hayagami and vanquish Kamui from chaos and submission. However her Amatsuriki began to grow weaker after thirty years of being pushed back to resume her duties.


Yataka: Kikuri loves Yataka very dearly and so did Yataka. Yataka is the first person Kikuri trusted and the only one who knows her pains the trouble of visiting her ill mother. Although her feelings toward Yataka are originally friendship, but she came to realize her feelings are rather love.

Knowing that her status are important than her love life, she willing elope with Yataka even it means harm to them until the Muroya incident she witness. After that event, Kikuri returned to the capital without telling Yataka the truth and went back to her cold-self. Belittling Yataka with emotionless words, Kikuri felt regret and sorrow deep in her of leaving and betraying Yataka. Over the past years, it's specially unknown if Kikuri still loves Yataka the same or the opposite. According to Hinohara, Hinohara is against the idea of making every Shou submit to him including Yataka that Kikuri told him to do.


  • It is unconfirmed that Kikuri predicted the coup d'etat concocted by Yataka would occurred.
  • Speaking out that Arata Hinohara is from another world confided she thought her new Shinshou will restore order after Arata disappeared in the Kando Forest.