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Biographical Information
Kanji キクツネ
Rōmaji Kikutsune
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 17 (physically)
Around 1940 (actual)
Gender Male
Height 179cm
Birth Date June 21st (Gemini)
Blood Type
Hayagami Kisaru
Location Amawakuni (current)
Pompeii, Italy (former)
Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Affiliation Six Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 43
Anime Debut
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Kikutsune (キクツネ, Kikutsune) is one of the Six Shinshou members whose face was revealed preceded by Harunawa and the second to do so. He is the Shou of Kisaru.


Kikutsune Appearance
Full Appearance

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Kikutsune has tanned skin, olive green eyes and light blonde hair, which reaches slightly below his waist and is sticked up in two points, giving him a fox like appearance. He generally wore the Six Shou ceremonial cloak and  mask.

Later, it's revealed that his main clothes are a sleeveless brown top, which is open in the back and has beads embedded that loop around his torso, black pants that look like leggings and a long scarf wrapped around his waist. Also, he wears armor in various spots around his body and ear covers, which hint the fact that he can't hear anything.


Kikutsune appears as a cheerful young man who finds humor in situations that are serious. However, whenever angered he shows his true colors and reveals his darker personality as a haughty, cruel young man. Since being turned into a demon by his conflicted emotions he has become malicious and finds enjoyment in others's pain. He has no problem executing the innocent and is amused by their fear of him.

Kikutsune has two fatal flaws, he is both boisterous and impulsive. He hates to sit still and observe others since he enjoys stirring up trouble and being involved in the contest for emperor. The other members of the Six Shou appear weary of his impulsiveness and this has led to him arguing with his higher-up Shimu. Kikutsune hates for those he deem inferior to challenge him, an example is Hiruha and Yataka's Zokushou. His hubris leads him to destroying anyone who dares to rebel against him, he wishes for his kingdom's civilians to obey his every whim or else face punishment or execution. He fails to take caution against those he misjudges as his ship getting damaged is a example.

Once he is freed from his demon-state, it is revealed he became cruel after having the title of successor musician for a great composer stolen from him by another competitor. Having his hearing stolen from him during the hype of his success drove Kikutsune into seeking extreme methods to eliminate the one who stole away his title. He seems to have been more mild-mannered in the past compared to his excessive cockiness displayed as a Shou. After being beaten by Arata, his fear is made evident and he shows a more vulnerable side.


Kikutsune in the Past

A 15 years old Kikutsune playing his harp

Kikutsune was born as a commoner back during Roman Empire era. Kikutsune was taught by an aristocrat to played music professionally and successfully reached the top of Odeon, supposedly the distinguished successor of composing music, and was recognized as a genius musician at the age of 15. All of the citizens highly praised Kikutsune for his melody and he thought it should last forever. His dream ended when one night an aristocrat musician sent his men to attacked him. Kikutsune was badly beaten and his eardrums were heavily damaged causing him to lose his hearing, after the surprise attack he claimed to have lost everything to the world's sound.

Kikutsune's Taumatic Past

The world with nothing but pain

Kikutsune's determination grew on getting revenge on the person who thwarted him. After he recognized the identity of the aristocrat musician who was jealous of his performance, he committed a crime by murdering him. For Kikutsune's crime, he was to be executed in the Amphitheatre of Pompeii. The original citizens who praised his beautiful music quickly turned their backs on Kikutsune humiliating him and not acknowledging the truth behind his ordeals. Right before the the event started, the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, had started a huge eruption causing the town to almost be destroyed. During the eruption, Kikutsune falls into an abyss and is transported to Amawakuni.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit

Kikutsune only appeared in several scenes in silhouette. He first appeared at Himeou's throne along with other Shinshou members. Also at the meeting, Himeou's ceremony, and Arata's (Arata Hinohara) trial.

Kadowaki ArcEdit

Kikutsune is introduced with the other member of the Six Shou examining Himeou's aging body. They are disturbed that she is still alive, and calculate ways of getting rid of Hinohara. They choose to send Harunawa over to replace Kadowaki in his absence. Kikutsune offers Kadowaki advice on awakening Orochi.

Muroya ArcEdit

He reappears with the other Six Shou, discussing with Shim about Kadowaki's lack of skills. While the Six Shou (excluding Shimu who is with Kadowaki) articulate ways to defeat Hinohara, he is the first to state his boredom with the slow progression and has decided to enter the emperor contest as a means of easing his boredom since events have become "slow". The Six Shou seem annoyed with this action; but nevertheless they agree with Kikutsune and decide to also join the submission contest. Isora agrees to join Kikutsune's goal since the two consider themselves allies. Kikutsune ordered the soldiers to take flight to Haniyasu search for Harunawa's airship.

As his introduction to Kadowaki and Arata, he attempts to blast them with his airship. Kannagi is able to block the blast by pulling out Okoro. He managed to blasts Harunawa's airship and attempt to do it again. But Kadowaki extends Orochi's vines reflected the second blast back at Kikutsune's airship damaged some parts of it. Kikutsune and Isora was surprised by this. The soldiers notified him about the bursts they sent, Kikutsune replied them to turn the airship in amusement. He now made a decision on his next game on Hinohara. Next he discussed with Isora on what his next plan will be.

While Okima is contacting Yataka to bring his airship to Haniyasu, Kikutsune got in their way blasting their airship and they were forced to halt. Kikutsune keeps commenting about Yataka's Zokushou should get out of his way before their airship get destroy completely.

He reappears when Hiruha tries stealing Hinohara's Hayagami, Tsukoyo. Kikutsune injured Rami, who deflected his attack from striking Mikusa. Kikutsune is the reason for Hiruha's betrayal by feeding him lies of how to save his deceased friends and family's souls. By doing this, he controlled Hiruha's mind with his whistle ability if Hiruha disobeyed Kikutsune then he would cause him pain. He then revealed to Arata's group the Six Shou are the true culprits of Sata's berserk. After seeing Rami strunk down, Hiruha furiously went after Kikutsune, but Kikutsune pulled out his Hayagami and fatally wounded Hiruha while coldly stating he can join his comrades and thus Hiruha died. He was utterly disgusted when Arata successfully pulled out Tsukuyo from the bowl realizing this time was also a failure. While thinking of a plan to kill Arata by using the souls to distort space, he was interrupted by Okima and Aoi attacking his airship. Kikutsune was furious and released Kisaru's attack at Yataka's airship. His Kamui destroyed Yataka's airship and killed everyone on it except Okima and Aoi who submitted to Yataka before dying. He disappeared afterward.

It is revealed he was called away from the battle by Shimu, he quickly reprimends Kikutsune for his foolish actions. He complained to Shimu about giving up the notion of relying on Kadowaki's submission battle. Shimu then calmly reminded him about their ambitions of returning to their original world. Kikutsune and the other four members intently listen to Shim's full instructions.

Kikutsune ArcEdit

When Kikutsune is shown he is lounging around his palace drinking wine, one of his fox spirit who had followed Kadowaki came to him telling him all the events of what Kadowaki did. He discussed this with with Isora who is now with him, telling him how he is aware that Kadowaki defeat his Zokushou. He recalls their original plan of killing Himeou with Orochi using Kadowaki. Kikutsune somehow heard from Isora asking him about Kadowaki's resentment. He states that Shim isn't clearly sure if his comrades are save, but as long as they survive the danger, they will be fine. Kikutsune suggests that if he and Isora work together, they will definitely win and make Hinohara submit, taking off Isora's mask claims he will do anything to return to Earth even if killing thousands of citizens.

Kikutsune is sitting on his throne sitting with Isora standing beside him listens to his Zokushou's words to say. His Zokushou told him they all had taken the people's eardrums except for Hinohara's. They tried every method to steal his eardrum, but none have work. Surprised by this, Kikutsune admitted he had underestimate the Emperor of Hinowa turn to Isora about his thought on this only leaving no comment. He commands his Zokushou keep on attacking also reminding them if one of them make either Kannagi or Yataka submit, he will return their eardrum back to them. Expecting Tagiri to do his job correctly. While he stands up, one of his Zokushou asked him the whereabouts of Batei. He replied Batei had followed Kadowaki to make him submit. Telling them to leave, he decides to change his plan of making Hinohara's submit; originally attempting to make Kadowaki submit. He leads Isora to present him his collection of all the citizens eardrums is now form of a tree. Amazed by this, Kikutsune plans once the verge of Himeou's death and getting Hinohara's eardrum, he will send all of them to their funeral.

During his Zokushous' battle with Arata's group, Tagiri catch a fragment of his memories before his demonization. In his flashback, Kikutsune pursuit him to become his Zokushou and trade his eardrum if he wants to spare his childhood, Sarasu. Kikutsune told Tagiri being unable to hear is similar to being dead which cause the actual Tagiri in agony.

Kikutsune shows up after his Zokushous' defeat, unimpressed with their battle skills. He indifferently remind his Zokushou about their eardrum and that they must make Hinohara submit in order to obtain their eardrum much to Hinohara's horror and Kikutsune is amuse by his reaction. His Zokushou beg Kikutsune to return back their eardrum. However only Kikutsune to shatter his Zokushous' eardrum potion claiming he has "given back" in a sardonic tone. This causes Tagiri to go on berserk, retaliates Kikutsune. Kikutsune block Tagiri's attack coldly respond that he is now betraying his own lord. Kikutsune counterattack him, but Sarasu protects Tagiri as in a result being stab by Kikutsune's Kisaru. Kikutsune finds the situation ridiculous and Hinohara intervene angrily by attacking him. Hinohara demand Kikutsune an answers behind all of his cruel actions, claiming him cruel and vicious. Kikutsune act ignorant toward him and instead reminded him about the foolish deceased Hiruha which Hinohara instantly reacted to this. Kikutsune go on badmouthing how his Zokushous and Hiruha were naive enough to follow him and rebel against him, knowing they're manipulated. When he mention Rami as he referring her as "bratty girl", he concludes that Hinohara's friends are useless. This causes Hinohara to demonize and violently attack him. Kikutsune manage to shrug him off and escapes to his castle.

Kikutsune goes to consult Isora about the situation and rant about how Hinohara aggravates him about his ideal justice and righteousness attitude which contradicts to his demonic self. In irritation, Kikutsune grab Isora's head closer reminding him what his purpose and that he must be by his side at all cost. Kikutsune tells Isora that once they make Hinohara submit, they can finally return to their own world.


  • Kisaru (奏吼, Kisaru): Kikutsune's Hayagami that can manipulate sound and music. Kikutsune can create high pitch sound that is extremely powerful and painful to destroy structures and cause psychological damages.
  • Whistle mind manipulation: Kikutsune can able to manipulate a person's mind by whistle which controls them by his orders. He once does this to Hiruha and possibly to Sato and the other prisoners at Muroya.
  • Fox spirits control: Kikutsune create fox spirits from his Kisaru that are manifestation from sound. They often float around Kikutsune throughout the series til he was defeated. They have powers to causes noises and painful screech likewise to the Zokushou's instruments and Kikutsune's Kisaru. The fox spirits can only be defeat by music.


  • Shimu: Both men bump heads with issues concerning Arata Hinohara. Shim keeps an eye on the development with Arata and Kadowaki; while Kikutsune hates the slow buildup of action. He reluctantly quiet down whenever Shimu commands him to do such.
  • Isora: One of the other members of the Six Shou. Kikutsune considers Isora as a brother-in-arms and even mentions if Isora doesn't work with him on awakening Orochi he would be troubled. Isora is not shown speaking to Kikutsune due to the fact he has a mouth covering, but he does communicate with him through telepathy.


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