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Biographical Information
Kanji クグラ
Rōmaji Kugura
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 11/20 (physically)
311 (actual)
Gender Male
Height 142cm/185cm(3m)
Birth Date March 30th (Aries)
Blood Type B
Family Eto (brother/deceased)
Hayagami Shinado
Location Amawakuni
Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 63
Anime Debut Episode 1
Image Gallery

Kugura (クグラ, Kugura) is a member of the Twelve Shinshou. He is the Shinshou of Wind. Kugura appears as adult and a giant in general as he's a child in secretly. Kugura can only appear as an adult after using his powers to sustain the change.


Kugura Appearance
Adult Form
Child Kugura
Child Form
Image Gallery

Kugura in the Opening of the anime

Kugura has short black hair, with bangs that point down similar to cockroach antennas, and dark purple colored eyes with red cat styled markings on the sides of his eyes. Kugura has dark skin and has an Arabian styled appearance. He usually always has his chest bare when not wearing his full body armor. He had a purple cloth wrap around his chest. For the most part he wears a white cape with outlines with the Twelve Shinshou mark on it tied around his neck and pattern cloth wrap around his waist. Kugura has several bracelet and necklaces on him. His childish form is slender and has some muscle toning, his adult form is around the same height as Yataka and well-built.


In initial and by reputation, Kugura comes across as a womanizer. However, this seems to be dissolved as it revealed Kugura only want to for someone to acknowledge and understand him due to his inferiority complexity.

Kugura has a constant angst of self-esteem issues due to being look down upon by his people for his young age and being treated as a child by Eto, who Kugura has mixed feelings of acknowledgement and grudge toward him. Thus, his self-esteem caused him to be emotional, in somewhat dramatic and comical. When acting his usual self, Kugura tend to be open-minded with his emotions on what he's feeling or reacting in a lightest or dreadful moos, unlike many of the Shinshou who either refused to let out their inner emotions to preserve their modesty or genuinely exaggerated like Kannagi who tended to act arrogant and hot-tempered.


An eleven year old Kugura found the Shinado, unbeknownst to him the Hayagami halts the wielder to ageless. When war broke out in the territory, Kugura's father was stuck down as the status is below average then Kugura unleashed his Hayagami in raging winds. Overexerted, Kugura was left heavily bruised that suppressed his memory and the face of his brother, Eto. Afterward, Kugura been chosen as the Shinshou to serve Himeou. Eto nonetheless hid an heirloom earring as a keepsake of his younger brother. He resigned to guard Kugura as his Zokushou, though Kugura assumed of Eto very overprotective. Since then, Kugura determined to be a real man and increase status to rid the life of deficiency.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit

He appear at the Himeou's ceremony along with other Shinshou,but not shown yet.

Kagura and Yataka in the anime (ep 1)

Yorunami ArcEdit

Kugura appears in front of Hinohara as a giant. He confront Hinohara for Himeou's murderer and senses Yorunami's presence in Tsukuyo. He then angrily dare Hinohara to come to his palace so that he can make him and Tsukuyo submit before he vanished into wind.

Kugura of The Wind ArcEdit

Kugura is seen as he sits on his throne as a giant again listening to Eto's word about Hinohara. Obvious much to Kugura's anger, he furiously pull out his Hayagami lash out with violent winds at Eto for him getting involve with his business with Hinohara. Kugura go in rage telling his three Zokushou Eto, Tande, and Torunamki for their nuisance actions. He tells Eto that Hinohara is his business to deal with and not him. Kugura is also angry with the fact that he sensed Futai's presence has disappeared and choose a successor without his permission. After dismissed his Zokushou and calm down. Hiruha asks him about confiscating Eto's Hayagami, but Kugura stated that he "owes" him which confuse Hiruha.


Shinado (極飛, Shinado)

Relationships Edit

Eto: Kugura's older brother. Due to memory loss, Kugura thought of Eto as a overprotective Zokushou who doesn't consider to him a superior Shinshou. Handing him a missing family earring made Kugura realize both he and Eto are siblings before being absorbed into Kadowaki's Orochi.

Hiruha: Kugura's Zokushou who escaped from slavery in Muroya.

Arata Hinohara: Simpleminded Kugura deemed the cross-dressing Hinohara as his ideal woman. Using his sister's name (Nao) he was rather panicking and disgusted of Kugura's perverted actions, Hinohara perhaps compare him to Kanate who also wanted to impress his older brothers. Shocked of Nao's true gender and identity, Kugura commences to attack Hinohara, then hears that Hinohara's words were genuine and submits to him not wanting to suffer like Eto.


  • Kugura's Shinshou status is 300 years and his favorite foods are spicy food, beans and grains according to Yuu Watase's blog.
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