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Mikusa Colored
Biographical Information
Kanji ミクサ
Rōmaji Mikusa
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 166cm
Birth Date November 1st (Scorpio)
Blood Type
Family Father (deceased)

Maya Inaba (cousin)

Location Amawakuni (current)
Japan (former)
Affiliation Himezoku (fake)
Manga Debut Chapter 65
Anime Debut
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Mikusa (ミクサ, Mikusa) is one of the main character in the series. She disguised herself as a male to protect herself and labeled as a fake Himezoku.


Initial Appearance

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Mikusa has dark blue hair and grayish colored eyes. Her hair is cropped short and is cut to above her shoulders. She has an athletic build, she is very slender and is slightly taller than her friend Kotoha. During her attempts at portraying as a man, she wears masculine clothes and ties her breast with a tube top styled tank. She wears a short-sleeved tan top and sometimes wears a cloak over the outfit with armor over her shoulders. She is also seen wearing boots and finger-less gloves.

After revealing her gender, she wears a more revealing attire. Her shirt and pants have been replaced with a dress. with thigh high boots. Rami's hair accessory is used by Mikusa after the former's death.


Mikusa has pretended to be a man her whole life due to circumstances. She doesn't trust others easily and is unsure how to respond to Arata Hinohara and company. She is very secretive and only reveals portions of her life to people she can trust, but never the whole truth. Mikusa doesn't know how to behave like a woman; but after developing a crush on Hinohara she starts to become more feminine. After deciding Arata's group is trustworthy she starts to open up towards the others. The only person she shows a softer side to is Rami, who has been like a sister to Mikusa her whole life. Mikusa is a strong warrior type female and doesn't let her gender render her useless.


15 years ago, Mikusa lived in Japan before switching places with Imina Oribe. At a young age, Mikusa could not recall being from another world. During the female Himezoku extinction, Himeou had to secure Mikusa's safety by offering her adoption to the chief of the Hime Clan in a secluded area, knowing without Mikusa then Imina would not be able return to Amawakuni as she was the only remaining candidate for a potential successor. To further ensure her identity from possible assassins, Mikusa is forced to cross dress through her entire life.



Mikusa Uses Amatsuriki

Amatsuriki (天通力, Amatsuriki)

Mikusa is able to use Amatsuriki through a weapon that Himeou gave her. Her Amatsuriki are embedded through her weapon.


Rami: A childhood friend. From the beginning, Rami was aware that Mikusa is female and stays silent about it. Mikusa and Rami were very close and thought of her as the only one trustworthy until then. Experiencing Rami's death, Mikusa vows to avenge her.

Kotoha: She quickly caught Mikusa's secret and promise to keep quiet. At first, Mikusa and Kotoha are rivals in competing for Arata Hinohara's love and attention. After going several hardship and battles, they've come to mutual understand and friendship with each other.

Arata Hinohara: When Mikusa first met Arata Hinohara, she attacks him, blaming him for the near death of the current princess. Even though Kannagi admits being responsible, Mikusa tests Hinohara's loyalty by having him catch his own Hayagami on the run. Keeping her gender a secret comes close when Hinohara bathe with her. However, when she finally decides to wear female clothes, she and Hinohara show affection for each other.

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