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Biographical Information
Kanji ミヤビ
Rōmaji Miyabi
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Female
Birth Date
Blood Type
Family Father (deceased)
Younger Brother
Location Amawakuni
Occupation Attendant
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Anime Debut
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Miyabi (ミヤビ, Miyabi) is a attendant to Harunawa, until he switches places with Masato Kadowaki.


Miyabi has short brunette hair and golden eyes. She is short and her body is fragile due to her heart conditions. Kadowaki calls her the "big-breasted girl" until learning her name.

Miyabi wears the outfit of a servant that is a dress that reaches to her ankles with a white apron styled garment on top.


She is a klutz and can be rather ditzy at times. She doesn't have the best abilities of trying to stay focused. Miyabi is a kind person and overlooks Kadowaki's sarcasm towards her. Although she annoys Kadowaki with her zany antics, he does grow to accept her. She is one of the few characters who manages to get away with annoying Kadowaki. She may become a love interest to Kadowaki because he does show some concern for her well-being, though he will deny these feelings. Miyabi is one of the few people who has seen a vulnerable Kadowaki, she tries to give him advice on taking better care of himself. (He brushes her comments off, but still chooses to listen to her).


Miyabi has a heart condition back when she was a child and still effects her health right now. Her father died leaving her to take care her sick mother and younger brother. Around the time before when Hinohara left Suzukura, she entered Harunawa's service try earning money to buy medicine for her family.


Suzukura ArcEdit

Miyabi is first shown introducing herself to Kadowaki, who she believes is Harunawa. Miyabi bring flowers for Kadowaki to might cheer him up which of course doesn't work. She continues to annoyed him, and was forced to leave his room. Before she leaves, she constantly asked Kadowaki what his like are.

Yorunami ArcEdit



  • Kadowaki: Miyabi, in her attempts at making friends with Kadowaki (who she thinks is Harunawa), performs various antics that annoy the boy. She is sidetracked easily whenever he is explaining something, she makes him a shirt that repulses him, and she often trips sending an object flying into his head. Miyabi almost loses her head during a conversation where she tells Kadowaki that perhaps it isn't hatred for Arata Hinohara; but a desire to become his friend again (this comment angers Kadowaki who stops his attack on Miyabi right when his weapon touches her neck). Overtime, Kadowaki starts to loosen up around her to where he tells her to drop the "sama" and just call him Kadowaki. He does show some concern for her when she collapse after having an attack (he pleas with Kotoha to heal her).