Kanji 逐力
Rōmaji Orochi
Shou Masato Kadowaki
Kamui Dark Powers
Manga Debut Chapter 46

Orochi (逐力, Orochi) is the goddess of darkness and the counterpart of Tsukuyo. She is currently in partnership with Masato Kadowaki.


Orochi appears as a sword kept dormant by Hime members in a concealed skeleton chamber underneath the Imperial Palace. For generations the Hayagami swallowed those unworthy to wield its power, until Kadowaki who tolerates the equivalent trait to withstand the Orochi.

In the opposition between Kannagi and Akachi, Orochi got broken by Arata Hinohara's Tsukuyo. Initially, it was a sword with a wide handgrip, and then its top edge grew sharper with claws on it awakening its full latent power.

Orochi’s human form is contrast to Tsukuyo. Her body and hair are like completely dyed in dark color by the divine darkness she emits, she appears gargantuan as well, apart from Tsukuyo she literally towering over the other Hayagami.

Kamui & AbilitiesEdit

  • Kimon
  • Meigamu Myouzen  
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