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Biographical Information
Kanji ラミ
Rōmaji Rami
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 15 (deceased)
Gender Female
Height 153cm
Birth Date
Blood Type
Family Parents (deceased)
Location Awamakuni
Affiliation Unemezoku
Manga Debut Chapter 65
Anime Debut
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Rami (ラミ, Rami) is a Unemezoku sidekick to Mikusa. She is killed by Kikutsune.


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Rami has pink hair and brown colored eyes. She wears a red hairband that reaches her shoulder. She is the shortest female in Arata Hinohara's group. Rami wears pink clothing similar to her hair color, her top reaches her thighs and has an opening between her breasts that reach her stomach. She has a red cloth wrapped around her waist. She has the mark of an Unemezoku on her wrist.


Rami is one of the more voiceful members of the group and makes sure her opinions are heard. She angers easily whenever anyone bothers Mikusa, who she treats as a sister. Rami is a healer and has better healing abilities than Kotoha, who mentions this. Rami doesn't allow her height to be taken advantage of (some readers suggest a Napoleon complex). Rami has a good heart, but most of her affections are reserved for Mikusa.


Rami was born in the secret sect of Himezoku and raised to be a Unemezoku. Her parents have been lost at sea. She becomes a loyal childhood friend of Mikusa once she is adopted by the chief upon Himeou's request.



Healing: Like Kotoha, Rami has the power heal anyone of their injuries. Although she has better experience than Kotoha. Rami personally apply her power to Mikusa only, until using it on Hinohara.


Mikusa: Rami's childhood friend. She keeps Mikusa's gender a secret to prevent any chances of murder of female Himezoku. Unbeknownst to Rami, Mikusa is not part of the Himezoku bloodline and is kept in preservation for the real Himezoku.

Kotoha: A fellow Unemezoku. Rami initially saw Kotoha a traitor for siding with Hinohara accused of the murdered of Himeou. After Hinohara's innocence is proven, Rami befriends Kotoha and comes to trust her when she discovered Mikusa's true gender and promised to stay quiet.

Arata Hinohara: Rami scout out with Mikusa to track down Hinohara's whereabouts determined that he is responsible of Kikuri's demise. Her opinion changed once Kannagi corrected that Hinohara has nothing to do with the attack on Kikuri. Rami eventually joins Hinohara's adventure in becoming the Emperor Of Hinowa.

Hirahu: Rami encountered Hirahu when capturing her chosen to be in Kugura's harem. He later becomes her fellow traveler in the quest of dissolving the Twelve Shinshō's ill-intentions. It is hinted that Rami developed a love-interest in Hirahu.


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