Kanji 創世
Rōmaji Tsukuyo
Shou Arata Hinohara
Kamui Light Powers
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Tsukuyo (創世, Tsukuyo) is the goddess of light and the "mother of all Hayagami". She is currently in partnership with Arata Hinohara.


Initially, Tsukuyo appears as a mould-covered dagger kept as a relic by Arata's family. It was not until Hinohara first summoned the Sousei no Hinowa that it finally revealed a cleaner look with a blue and white coloration. It stands at 45cm (18 inch).

After Kugura's submission, Tsukuyo awakened into its full power, appearing as a complex long-sword, standing at 150cm (59 inch).

Tsukuyo's human form is nearly unseen. Her body and face are nearly completely blurred by the divine light she emits but faint outlines of her physique can be seen, she also appears gargantuan, literally towering over the other Hayagami.

Kamui & AbilitiesEdit

Tsukuyo is known as the most powerful Hayagami. As the mother of all the goddesses, she possesses the ability to overpower the effects of their kamui as well as purify the Hayagami that have been demonized.

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