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Twelve Shinshou Anime
Twelve Shinshou Symbol

Shinshou's badges

The Twelve Shinshou (十二神鞘, Juuni no Shinshou) are Himeou's warriors. They are known as the top Shou that wield the powerful Hayagami. All of them are given a territory to protect their citizens from chaos. As their duty,they must swore their loyalty to Himeou and protect her from all causes. For people to recognize the Shinshou, Shinshou usually wear the Twelve Shinshou symbol accessory, have them mark on their clothes, or have them as a tattoos on their body. Each member has a different power attribute and element to aid them in battle. Whatever element they control cannot hurt them outside battle, too. (ex. Kannagi is the wielder of the fire Hayagami, therefore flames cannot harm him). They are all males and do not meet outside ceremonies for the most part, except when given missions. The Six Shinshou are shown as the more powerful members of the Twelve Shinshou. The other members are known as elemental Shou and exist to prevent hazards from harming Awamakuni's citizens.


Name Hayagami Territory Status
Kannagi Homura Kagutsuchi Active
Akachi Okoro Haniyasu Deceased
Yorunami Nakisawa Mitsuhame Submitted
Kugura Shinado Kasefuno Submitted
Yataka Zekuu Utsuroi Active
Harunawa Bakuto Yamata Deceased
Kikutsune Kisaru Tsugushi Submitted
Shimu Unknown Unknown Active
Isora Kohaku Ano Submitted
Ikisu Nouga Iyo Submitted
Ameeno Megudo Chiwaya Submitted
Mumei Unknown Unknown Active
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