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Biographical Information
Kanji ヤタカ
Rōmaji Yataka
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 20 (physically)
101 (actual)
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Birth Date September 12nd (Virgo)
Blood Type A
Hayagami Zekuu
Location Amawakuni
Occupation Twelve Shinshou
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (silhouette)
Chapter 88
Anime Debut
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Yataka (ヤタカ, Yataka) is a member of the Twelve Shinshou. He is the Shinshou of the Void.


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Yataka has long light green hair that is tied in a loose ponytail on one side and light green colored eyes that are pupil-less. Yataka wears a black tuxedo and dress pants that give him a clerical appearance. Yataka represents himself as a professional.


Yataka is very proper and conducts himself in a professional and chivalrous manner. He's rather germaphobe and weary of people and likes to keep them out of his reach. Yataka considered all humans are impure until meeting Kikuri. Yataka acts as an advisor to Arata's group; he gets along fairly well with everyone but the crude, arrogant Kannagi. The two comically butt heads throughout the journey about cleanliness and manhood.


After he became Zekuu's Shou, he used the Utsuho no Kagami on his parents and witness their true horrifying form. For this, he disgusted at people's fake nature and dirty substance.

He continued to be like this until meeting Kikuri. He first formerly met her when Kikuri request Yataka to bring her to her home territory. Yaraka agrees this, so he used Utsuho no Kagami on her to disguise herself. He began to show affection toward her when she transform into a beautiful woman. After Kikuri last meeting her illness mother, Yataka and Kikuri are having a conversation that develops into love. Yataka and Kikuri became couple and he begins seeing the world as pure and without the filth he contoured people were composed of. However, Kikuri left him without telling him the reasons and act cold toward him from that point on. Yataka again use Utsuho no Kagami on her and was terrified at Kikuri's nature in the mirror. He believe Kikuri truly betrayed him, he grew resentful and tells others he hates her.

After founding out the truth behind Kikuri's betrayal, Yataka suffers more seeing Kikuri isolate him to do her duties noticing Kikuri is also suffering and punishing herself. He's so in despair that when Shimu cynically told him to take his and Kikuri's life for their happiness, Yataka willing plot assassinating Kikuri to the other Shinshou and then suicide. Even though other people knew Yataka deeply hated the Himeou, deep down he still love Kikuri even now.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


Zekuu (是空, Zekuu)


  • Kikuri: Yataka's love. Yataka first meets Kikuri when she was undergoing the Himeou ceremony where he describes her as cold. Kikuri first shows vulnerability to Yataka after learning her mother is dying in his region. Yataka uses his Hayagami to transform her; but is shocked when a beautiful adult Kikuri stands before him. Yataka is unsure how to respond to her as he learns that not all humans are impure as he initially thought. Kikuri shows him kindness and tells him to treasure himself which opens his eyes on seeing a kind-heart person. The two grow close and even make love near the end of their time together, when Kikuri learns about a Hayagami going rogue she abandons any notion of eloping with Yataka. Learning about the turmoil building within the kingdom, Kikuri reverts to her childish form and begins acting coldly to Yataka once more. Kotoha reveals to him that Kikuri suffered during this ordeal because she truly wished to be with him.
  • Kannagi: The two Shinshou often get into spats since the two are polar opposites (Kannagi is blunt and doesn't care about manners, while Yataka is proper and acts as a gentleman). Kannagi is Yataka's senior and likes to annoy Yataka by talking down to him similar to a little brother. Kannagi pokes fun of Yataka's hatred of dirt and his intimacy with Kikuri.


  • Yataka's Shinshou status is 81 years and his favorite food is seafood.
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