Zokushou (属鞘, Zokushou) are Shou (鞘, Shou) who served loyalty to the Twelve Shinshou. Shou become Zokushou when their are given with a Hayagami by the Shinshou or Shinshou choose a Shou to become their Zokushou. Zokushou followed their own Shinshou through society. The amount of Zokushou are unlimited as how Shinshou members may have lot, less or none on their list.


Zokushou are given strict orders by the Tweleve Shinshou. Tweleve Shinshou want their Zokushou to do what best for them. They had their own rights for them never allowed themselves to disobey or betray their own Shinshou. The orders are commonly protect and leads certain areas on their territory, help citizens, etc.

List of ZokushouEdit

Kannagi's Zokushou

Kannagi's Zokushou

Episode 11 Card

Yorunami's Zokushou

Kikutsune's Zokushou

Kikutsune's Zokushou

  • Isora's
    • Unknown individuals (only mentioned)


  • Ikisu and Isora are the only Shinshous whose Zokushou did not appear in the series.
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